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Coffee Room is a specialty coffee shop, bistro and merch shop. Our team shares a refined sense for detail and a genuine passion for good coffee, good food and quality products. Our excellent coffee is complemented by the unique taste of delicious meals and desserts, all seasoned to perfection. Our mission is to make you an addict. To achieve that, we take our java very seriously - constantly trying out new recipes, exploring the beans, tasting and adjusting to make sure you always get the very best. All our breakfast options are vegetarian, and most of them are vegan. Moreover, you can always ask for a substitution for any item in our menu if you have a dietary restriction. Apart from our famous avocado toasts and sandwiches we offer smoothie bowls, homemade granola, and toasted banana bread with homemade peanut butter. Craving something sweet? Here at Coffee Room we bake fresh goods every day - including vegan and gluten free treats. Your smile means the world to us! Of course, we know that it’s not only the quality of the products that makes a coffee spot truly great. Our awesome barista team are the ones who give Coffee Room life, making sure the place is always full of positivity. Come see for yourself!
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