Our Breakfast menu is fully vegetarian,
and mostly vegan.

We can always prepare substitutions for most dietary restrictions. Here at Coffee Room our food ranges from amazing avocado toasts, to smoothie bowls, to homemade granola served with yoghurt and seasonal fruits, we even have toasted banana bread with our homemade peanut butter.Do you have a sweet tooth? Well then, we’ve got you covered, we have different treats daily, cakes, kolaches, bundt cakes, banana bread, croissants, we have it all. We also have vegan and gluten free options available.Oh, and if you haven’t heard already, we also have a famous sandwich. Its prepared fresh every morning and will be everything you need and more from a sandwich…trust us!

Opening times

Monday / Friday



8:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:30 - 17:00

For us, a smile is everything!

Of course, we know it’s not just about the quality of our products, that would be too easy. The most important thing for us, and you, is the super friendly (some may say awesome) customer service our staff provide. We have built a really cool team, who love working in Coffee Room, and we hope you can truly feel that when entering our café.

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The Mahr Family